George N. Atiyeh Prize

The George Atiyeh Prize was founded by the Middle East Librarians Association in 1999 to honor George N. Atiyeh, retired Head of the Near East Section of the Library Congress, founding member of MELA and of the Middle East Microform Project, for his many contributions to Middle East librarianship and scholarship. Dr. Atiyeh is the first and only honorary member of MELA. The George Atiyeh Prize offers financial aid to attend the annual meetings of MELA and of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA).

Awardees receive a cash award in addition to their registration fees for both the MELA and MESA annual conferences. Awardees must agree to attend both the MELA and MESA conferences in their entirety, to allow their names and photographs to be used in any publicity by MELA or other organizations contacted by MELA, and to write a report on their conference experience, to be published in MELA Notes

For more information on requirements for application, please consult the George Atiyeh Prize Guidelines.

Committee Members:

  • Sean Swanick, Duke University (Chair)
  • Robin Dougherty, Yale University
  • Heather Hughes, Stanford University

2016 George N. Atiyeh Prize Winners: Baheya S. Jaber, Azatuhi Babayan, and Anthony Joyce.

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Past Atiyeh Prize Winner:

  • 2015 Timothy Dolan, Simmons College, (click here for full statement).
  • 2014 Heather Hughes, University of Texas (UT), (click here for full statement).
  • 2013 joint winners: Gayle Fischer, University of Texas (UT); Anna Robinson, University of Texas (UT); and Blake Robinson, Florida State University.
  • 2012 joint winners: Elizabeth Kunze, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Carissa Pastuch, University of Arizona; and Jacob Hill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • 2011 joint winners: Amanda Click, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Latifa Baali, Columbia University.
  • 2010 No award given.
  • 2009 Katherine Sydenham, St. John’s University.
  • 2008 joint winners: Mike Prohaska, Southern Connecticut State University; Sean Swanick, Dalhousie University; and Larissa Ringham, University of British Columbia.
  • 2007 No award given.