Bylaws Committee

PaperClick here to view the 2016 proposed revisions to the Bylaws.

The Bylaws committee is convened by the current MELA President in order to revise the MELA Bylaws. It is chaired by the senior Member-at-Large. He/she will choose the members of the committee with approval of the President. There will be 4 members, in addition to the Chairperson. Each member will have 1 vote, except the Chairperson who will vote only in the event of a tie.

The committee is convened at the annual MELA conference. The term of office is one year till the next annual conference. The committee will propose amendments to the Bylaws as they see fit. Each amendment must be approved by a majority of the committee.

Once all the proposed amendments to the Bylaws have been completed and approved by the committee, they shall be placed on the MELA website for perusal by the membership at large. This should happen at least 3 months prior to the next annual meeting.

Amendments to the current Bylaws will be accepted or rejected by majority vote of the membership. Voting will be done at the business meeting of the annual meeting. Voting by electronic means by the membership prior to the annual meeting is acceptable. All votes cast either electronically or in person will be tallied at the annual meeting. A simple majority of votes cast is needed for an amendment to pass. Balloting will be administered by the Bylaws Committee. A minimum of 30 days will be allowed for voting by the members. The results will be reported to the Executive Board, who will make them known to the membership through the MELA website.

The Bylaws Committee Members for 2016 are:

  • Iman Dagher (chair, UCLA)
  • Brenda Bickett (Georgetown University)
  • John Eilts (Stanford University)
  • Kristen Kern (Portland State Library)
  • Mariette Atallah (AUB)