MELANET-L email list

MELANET-L is an email list devoted to Middle East librarianship. Any interested party may subscribe to the listserv. It is a closed subscription list and the list owner must add new subscribers. To subscribe submit the information below. The listowner will add you to the list in a day or two.

NOTE: MELANET-L is not used to discuss issues about vendors. To discuss vendors, please sign up for Middle East Book Vendors (mebookvendors) list.



Last modified: 14 November 2017

Previously modified: 24 March 2008

The following are rules and guidelines to be observed when posting messages to MELANET-L. These generally reflect standard etiquette. They are also intended to make the use of the list and the list’s archives as efficient as possible for all subscribers. You must agree to these conditions to be subscribed to the list.

Legal Disclaimer

Postings to the list are the opinions of their authors and not necessarily those of MELA, its Executive Committee, the list owner, or the hosting platform. Authors of messages to the list are responsible for the accuracy of their information and the conformance of their material with applicable copyright and other laws. Copied material must be properly attributed. Remember, many people will read your post, and it will be archived for a very long time.

The act of posting to the MELANET-L indicates the subscriber’s agreement to accept the adjudications of the moderator.

Eligibility for Participation in MELANET-L

Active participation in MELANET-L is limited to those whose e-mail addresses are subscribed to the list. All list members will receive a copy of these rules in their subscription confirmation message. This document also will be publicly posted to the list at least once per year. The act of posting to MELANET-L indicates the subscriber’s agreement to abide by the rules set forth in this document.

Appropriate Use of MELANET-L

The discussion of Middle East librarianship and scholarship legitimately ranges far and wide. However, messages should not get completely off the topic and away from the purpose of the list. The list is not for postings and general discussion of political issues, other than those closely related to librarianship such as the USA Patriot Act, or any other matters that do not specifically pertain to librarianship and scholarship. There are many online fora elsewhere that are more appropriate places for postings and viewpoints on diverse political, social, religious, etc. issues.

Before you forward a message from another source, remember that others on the list may already have seen it. Many would not be interested in recycled information. Should you wish to send something off subject or start an off-topic discussion with other subscribers, please e-mail them directly. Subscribers’ e-mail addresses appear in the “From” field of their messages. Note, however, that not all people wish to receive private e-mail from other list subscribers. Note: It is not up to subscribers to “police” the list. If you have a problem with someone’s behavior on the list, you should contact the list owner ( rather than take it up on the list or in private e-mail.

Misuse of MELANET-L

Examples of misuse include but are not limited to the following:

  • Postings and personal observations on off-topic areas, chain-letters, or excessively long messages.
  • Using the list to advertise, defame, libel, collect, or disseminate private information about, annoy, or intimidate any member(s).
  • Commercial advertisements are not allowed. It has been noted that many list members are vendors or bookdealers. This list is not the proper place for them to advertise their products.

Postings of library items for sale or swap by librarians are acceptable.

In cases of doubt, ask the list manager before posting.

Right of Appeal

One’s removal from the list after the third violation may be appealed to the MELA Executive Committee, who will review the appeal and make a decision on whether to reinstate.