Call for MELA Nominations 2016

Vote_wiki_commonsIt is election season. Get ready to call upon your donors and mount a campaign. Line up those endorsements from the luminaries in the field. Why? Because now is the time to enter the race or back your preferred puppet (and be the kingmaker you always wanted to be).

Yes, we are talking about vacant posts that need to be filled. Take your rightful place as one of the power-brokers that shape that most august of organizations – MELA.

Nominate yourself or someone you can manipulate to do your biding (ummm, that is, a person who you really trust and respect) for one of the following highly coveted positions:

  • VP/Program Chair – the all-powerful one
  • MELA Notes Editor – control the media, orchestrate the propaganda
  • Secretary/Treasurer – the power of the purse knows no limits
  • MELANET Listserv Manager – manipulate the message
  • Member at Large – do others’ bidding (or so they think)

We ask that you submit these nominations no later than September 1, 2016.

Please send your nominations or any questions to:

Candidate platforms should be prepared for September 10, 2016 with elections to be held electronically beginning September 15.

Eligibility to be a candidate, to nominate or to vote in the upcoming elections requires that you are a member in good standing with MELA (posture matters!). So this is a great time to renew your membership or become one for the first time. Also please make sure that your contact information is correct to facilitate your participation in the voting. Otherwise we might just have to vote for you.

Please send your nominations or any questions to:

Your wholly non-partisan nominations committee members,
Ian, Anaïs, Karl, Deborah and Rachel

Our motto: “Vote, vote correctly, or else….”