MELA elections 2016

Vote_wiki_commonsDear Colleagues,

Soon all of you who are registered voting members of MELA should receive an invitation to participate in the 2016 MELA election of officers. We are running the election through the online election system BallotBin as in previous years. If you do not receive your invitation to participate with the relevant code please check the following:

  1. That you are a registered voting member of MELA.
  2. That the MELA secretary has your correct email address.
  3. That the invitation did not go to an alternate emial address.
  4. That the invitation did not go into your spam.
  5. That you have not requested that BallotBin not include you in elections (which is the case it seems for at least a few of you).

In the case that you are unable to gain access to the ballot you can send me ( your correct email so that I can add you to the list of voters which I will check against the MELA list of eligible voters. If you have any questions about eligibility they should be directed to the MELA secretary.

Voting will begin October 1 and continue through November 11.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process.

The Nominations Committee