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Middle East Women
Compiled by Connie Lamb at Brigham Young University, the searchable database of English-language, nonfiction books and journal articles about women in the Middle East and North Africa includes about 900 itmes in the RefWorks citation manager.

The Arab-American Press Project
Compiled by David Hirsch & Michael Hopper

Welcome to the MELA Reference Committee Page

The charge to the Committee states that it shall initiate research and write reference and subject guides, and similar other resources, relevant to all aspects of Middle Eastern Studies. While the Committee is granted wide latitude in its work, it shall look into expanding on the MELA Basic Reference Outline Series. It shall identify needed areas of research and consider developing other useful tools such as guidelines for collection development and acquisitions of Middle East materials. It may solicit contributions, input and assistance from MELA members and others with expertise or knowledge in particular subject areas or languages. It could conceivably serve as a vehicle through which members may cooperate in research programs.

Current members:
  • Christof Galli, Chair
  • Robin Dougherty, University of Texas at Austin
  • Connie Lamb, Brigham Young
  • Karen Liston, Wayne State
  • Rebecca Routh, University of Iowa
  • Marlis Saleh, Ex Officio [editor, MELA Notes]

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